The Production Office provides audio services and equipment for entertainment and broadcast in Ireland and overseas

simplicity and reliability are the key issues in any audio system or procedure, while keeping a keen eye to flexibility and the needs of the artist or production team

TV & Radio Outside Broadcast Unit -
- 24 track fully redundant or 48 track non-redundant recording
- 40 channels Focusrite mic-pre's
- Yamaha O2R digital console
- Genelec studio monitoring
outdoor/indoor festivals / dvd concert shoots / sport

The Production Office now stocks ISDN equipment for rental:

Glensound GSGC5 -
integrated commentary mixer & G.722 / APT-X codec

Prodys Pronto 3 -
stereo MPEG Layer ll &Llayer lll 15khz bandwidth music codec

call or email for details & rates

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