outside broadcast:
sound supervisor
for DVD & live sports, music, variety programming. fully familiar with Calrec, Neve and Euphonix consoles, Glensound & Prospect commentary units

location recording:
2-track stereo & 24-track digital multi-track recording using the Mackie HDR24/96 recorder/editor & Mackie MDR24/96 recorder
Focusrite & TL Audio mic pre-amps
Yamaha O2R studio console
Yamaha O1v96 digital location console
SQN Series 4 location ENG mixer
Spendor & HHB monitors
Audix microphones
outboard processing by TC Electronic, Yamaha, KT, BSS
, Drawmer

concert sound:
live sound engineeing for International and Irish artists. over 25 years experience including 4 years resident in Nashville TN working for the biggest names in the industry as well as contract services to MD Systems / Clair Brothers. fully conversant with analog & digital consoles, signal processing and loudspeaker management. tour Production Management services also provided